Laurelhurst is a comedy film series that takes place in the prized Portland park, its namesake and muse. Episode 1 introduces Ezra Blue, a parking enforcer whose search for friends makes him horrible at his job. He finds connection in Randy, mail-carrying golden boy, and Nola, new kid on the block.

Monica Dailey as Nola Parks

Monica Dailey as Nola Parks

Jed Arkley as Randy and Travis Abels as Ezra Blue

Jed Arkley as Randy and Travis Abels as Ezra Blue

The first chapter premiered in Portland in 2018, and is available to watch here. 👆 Chapters 2 & 3 are currently being edited, and will screen in October of 2019.


Or Something Like That

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 12.36.14 PM.png

A multi-sensory, storytelling collaboration between Marc Girouard and I. It began by a fascination with storytelling, and how stories evolve over time. I spent two years interviewing people I met on the street, then pulled apart their words and reorganized them into soundscapes of original audio design and music, working with my favorite musicians to create a score for each piece. Once the audio was underway, Marc and I began collaborating on the visual interpretation. We passed drawings pack and forth, painting over each others lines, like a dance, until we were both happy with marriage of image and sound. Those first 10 audio-visual portraits became the record / art book that we created in 2016, with the help of our kickstarter campaign.


Curious Ear


A community engagement project I started with Dimitrii Pokrovskii to inspire communication between previously unconnected groups of people, create space for those to be heard, and give voice to those without.

Pairs of of 7’ tall structures are connected via wifi and placed at different ends of the city.  A welcome screen within an ear invites you to speak what’s on your mind, with prompts such as, “Describe a person or a place you love.” What is said into the ear by one, can be heard at a mouth, by another. 

In a time so marked by division, this project seeks connection, by finding the common grounds we share. We do this by listening to each other more, especially those outside our everyday circles. Intention is is put into the placement of each structure -- nursing homes connect to elementary schools; urban areas to rural; red states to blue.

The more we communicate, the better we understand and the less we fear.



Over a few years of recording conversations, I’d notice these wonderful similarities in things people said, sometimes exact phrases like, “the sounds around me,” or "something like that.” By collecting similar themes and playing them side by side, I discovered the joy of making one person’s thought finish another’s idea. Or hopping between two very different streams of thought, and creating a third. What was created is this Storyscape. Please contact me if you’d like to record a conversation and be part of the story!